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Power Generation University is changing the way electric power generation professionals approach continuing education.
Welcome to Power Generation University! Our goal is to provide you with relevant, topical educational content that is easily accessible.
With its broad array of magazines, electronic newsletters, websites, events, and books, PennWell’s Power Group is the market leader for information and strategic business intelligence in all areas of power generation. Now, we’ve added another way for power professionals to continue their education and gain PDHs (professional development hours).
Power Generation University is updated continuously, so please keep checking back for new courses.

About Power Generation University’s Courses
Power Generation University, owned and operated by PennWell Corp., develops and publishes high-quality courses relevant to a wide variety of power generation sources – biomass, coal, oil, gas, geothermal, hydro, nuclear, ocean/tidal/stream power, solar, and wind. The courses are designed to help power professionals continue their education and earn professional development hours.
Power Generation University builds on the editorial excellence of the magazines Hydro Review, Power Engineering, and Renewable Energy World North America. These magazines are known to power generation professionals throughout the world as leaders in quality, integrity, and unparalleled content excellence. These magazines are the flagship media sponsors of PennWell’s suite of annual market-leading power events -- Coal-Gen, HydroVision International, HydroVision Brazil, Nuclear Power International, Power-Gen International, and Renewable Energy World North America.
Here at Power Generation University, you’ll find courses directly applicable to your day-to-day work. Reviewing the course material and taking the test on this secure website is a simple process and can be done at your convenience – any time of the day or night.
By taking a course, you learn new information to help you do your job better, plus you earn a certificate authorizing 2 PDHs (professional development hours). This certificate can be presented to professional engineer licensing authorities, toward renewing your P.E. license.
Please Note: Power Generation University cannot guarantee every state or licensing authority will accept the professional development hours offered here.