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List Currently Showing Topic: Gas-fired Generation

Life Consumption Assessment of Cycling HRSGs as the Unit Operations Progress
PD Hours: 2 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $59.00 Purchase / Take Exam


Combined-cycle power plants are the most efficient of all power generating systems. Ideally, they should operate at base load to take advantage of efficiency, but due to the cyclical nature of power demand, many combined-cycle plants must be started and shut down frequently. This up-and-down duty places many mechanical and chemical stresses on the heat recovery steam generator, which can cause outages unless properly diagnosed. This course outlines the primary stress and corrosion factors that affect HRSGs, and offers a method to perform life assessments on HRSG components.

Educational Objectives:
  1. Understand various damaging mechanisms affecting the HRSG along with the effect of cycling operations.
  2. Be exposed to an HRSG damage mechanism matrix.
  3. Learn basic requirements for operating data based methodology for assessing life consumption.
  4. Be exposed to some practical examples of how the methodologies are used in practice.

Turbine Inlet Cooling: An Energy Solution That’s Better for the Environment, Ratepayers and Plant Owners
PD Hours: 2 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $59.00 Purchase / Take Exam


Particularly in the summer, much peaking power is generated by simple-cycle or combined-cycle turbines. However, as ambient air temperatures increase, combustion turbine capacity decreases, which reduces supply when it is most needed. This course examines inlet air cooling for improved turbine capacity during warm weather.

Educational Objectives:
  1. Learn why combustion turbine output is significantly affected by ambient temperature.
  2. Understand other factors that can affect combustion turbine output.
  3. Learn the most common techniques for turbine inlet air cooling.
  4. Understand the cost savings by improving combusion turbine efficiency via inlet air cooling.